Obligatory Forum Rules Thread

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Obligatory Forum Rules Thread Empty Obligatory Forum Rules Thread

Post by Ghosty on Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:00 pm

We're a small community of friends here, and there's probably not a great deal of need for me to lay out the same rules we've all seen on every forum on the internet. I'm going to do it anyway, but I'm going to do it briefly and broadly.

1. Don't be a huge dick.
2. Don't post things that shouldn't be posted (as outlined in Forumotion's Terms of Service).

There, that oughta do it, don't you think? Outside of those two general rules, there are only a couple of other, less generic rules I want to add.

3. Don't talk about an ongoing Mafia game outside of this forum, unless neither you nor the person you're talking to are currently living players in the game.
4. Don't be thin-skinned.

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